3 Helpful Tactics When Starting Your Own Car Wash Company

Posted on: 23 July 2018

A basic necessity for people today is getting their car washed. You can take advantage of this demand by opening up your own car wash business. This journey will be filled with obstacles, but you can soar past them with these startup tactics. 

Choose a Location 

Before you start making these grandiose plans, you first need to select a location for your automatic car wash. A good location is one that gives you access to as many customers as possible. This might be near a major highway or on a popular street that citizens travel by every day.

A good car wash location is also easily accessible. This means the car wash should be visible from all directions. Finally, make sure your car wash location isn't near any competitors. Otherwise, you'll be competing with others for the same business, which can be a nightmare scenario when trying to develop a brand that people know and trust.

Select a Service Model

Car washes vary quite a bit in terms of the service models they offer. Some of the most widely used today are self-service and automated models.

With a self-service model, your customers pretty much take care of their own car. They'll use the provided machines to complete the exterior wash and vacuums for the interior. This gives customers a peace of mind knowing their car is in good hands. Self-service models save you from having to hire a lot of employees. 

With an automated service model, customers pretty much don't have to do a thing. Everything is taken care of by commercial cleaning machines, which saves them time and energy. You will have to pay more for these automated systems and maintain them regularly, though. 

Market Appropriately 

So that your car wash business is successful right out of the gate, you need to market it appropriately. There are plenty of ways you can do this online in a cost-effective manner. Start with creating company profiles on social media platforms. You'll then be able to expose your car wash to a wide demographic and easily stay in touch with customers and potential customers.

Another online marketing tactic you might employ is sending commercial emails to people who sign up to your email list. You can provide these people with updates about upcoming promotions and services your company currently offers. This information is paramount for getting people interested in visiting your car wash in person. 

Starting your own car wash doesn't just happen overnight. It requires time, dedication, and extensive planning. However, if you don't give up and make the right preparations, you can fulfill your dream of owning one of these lucrative businesses and being successful. 


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