Food Transportation Driver? 3 Ways To Keep Your Truck Sanitary During Tight Runs

Posted on: 10 May 2017

As a food hauler, you play an important role in the communities that you serve by helping to ensure the availability of quality goods for people to eat. However, keeping your trailer sanitary for food hauling is difficult since the dark, damp environment inside creates the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and fungus to grow. This is especially true if you drive a refrigerated truck that generates a great deal of condensation. When your runs have only a short amount of downtime, use these tips to keep your trailer hygienic for your next big haul.

Practice Proper Loading and Unloading Procedures

Reducing spillage is essential for eliminating the moisture that attracts pests and allows bacteria to grow. Make sure that your crew is trained on the best practices for food handling as you load and unload the truck. If a spill occurs, clean it up as soon as possible, and remember that a gentle crew also prevents damages to your trailer that compromise its sanitation.

Repair Minor Interior Damage Right Away

Allowing food to reach the wrong temperature is a major issue for trailers, and a failing refrigeration system or thermostat can wreak havoc on your trailer by allowing condensation to form. It is also possible for damage to the interior of your trailer to allow moisture to enter the insulation. Once that happens, you risk having to pull your truck off the route for major repairs. For this reason, you will want to inspect your trailer during before and after every haul to identify minor problems before the turn into bigger issues that compromise food safety.

Plan For Regular Trailer Wash Outs

When it comes to food transportation, a quality trailer wash is just as essential as making sure that your brakes work. Ideally, your trailer should be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized between each load. This means that you will need to have a plan for trailer washouts in place before your arrival in a new location. This way, you can quickly get your trailer sanitized before your turnaround.

Your food rig is impressive, and you know that it takes professional skill to make sure your loads arrive on time and in safe condition. By keeping an eye out for developing problems and arranging for regular wash outs, you can ensure that you will not waste any time on your route while still meeting the standards in place for food safety regulations. For more information, contact companies like Tunnel Xpress Truck Wash.


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